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We know customer preferences.
We know the production cost.
And we know how to balance both.

AFA designers keep the pace with market trends and update
designs every month.


You may focus on solving the smallest details that enhance the user's experience in the bathrooms and kitchens with your kitchens fixtures.
Bringing a new function to the customers helps to differentiate your products from others.
We value every idea and will work closely with you to turn it into reality.


A unique-looking piece of Kitchen equipment fixture always draws more attention from the end-users. For some customers, style even outweighs basic functionality.
Choose from our on-trend designs or just send us your design. A new design starts here with our creativity and industry insight.

Brilliant Design Meets Marvelous Manufacturing

AFA factories would never reduce what you expected from our designs.

A perfect design is made possible only with the support of sophisticated facilities and manufacturing technology.
  • Step 1: Smelting & Forging

    Step 1: Smelting & Forging

    We use high-quality raw materials, through strict original testing, to ensure the initial quality.

  • Step 2: Gravity Casting & Laser Cutting

    Step 2: Gravity Casting & Laser Cutting

    The raw materials are produced by gravity die casting machine and laser cutting machine in various machines according to the drawings.

  • Step 3: Surface Cleaning

    Step 3: Surface Cleaning

    Burnt cores and rough edges are meticulously removed from the cast products.

  • Step 4: Finishing

    Step 4: Finishing

    The finished parts for finishing would be treated with smooth finishes as per the order specifications.

  • Step 5: Polishing

    Step 5: Polishing

    The pieces with the correct finish are polished on high-speed polishing machines by experienced workers to achieve a perfect surface with high glass and sheen.

QC Throughout The Whole Order

You got specially-assigned experts to look over the whole manufacturing process and take charge of your order from the very beginning.

We keep you informed of any progress to save your time and energy.