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Kitchen Accessories AF-808G

Kitchen Accessories AF-808G

Kithen accesories fixtures Stanless steel 304 18/8 chrome-nickel content Brush anti-scratch polish Limited lifetime warranty
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Ningbo AFA Kitchen and Bath Co,.Ltd.

established in 1993

In 2009. the main market changed into national. AFA set up sales and service points in national market.

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Afa kitchen and bath - world's leading Custom Kitchen Accessories AF-808G Suppliers and OEM Kitchen Accessories AF-808G Company, offer wholesale quality Kitchen and Bath products for sale online.
Ningbo AFA Kitchen and Bath Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and active in Europe and United States, Australia and other first-line kitchen and bath market for 20 years. Due to living in the international fashion hinterland and kitchen frontier, long history and advanced design concept created simple and elegant product style and superb quality of AFA.

Quality and innovation are the brand spirit of AFA. AFA always believes that there is no future without quality and innovation. AFA insists: first consider the quality and then consider the cost. Take the quality first, then output. Over the years, AFA constantly guided innovative revolution of kitchen and bath products depend on excellent quality, innovation and market sensitivity.

At present, our production plant covers 26,000 square meters with the market most advanced production technology and production equipment. Our company pays attention to the high quality of the products and the customers' demands which are beneficial to further development of company. The new plant has about 200 people and most advanced equipment for making kitchen sinks. The new plant will have 15,000 square meters, and our company workshop will reach an area of 41,000 square meters after finishing the new plant.