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afa CultureCreate a world-class century brand


Brand spirit"FATHER "


A brand that inherits the craftsman

Father's philosophy, derived from his suffering past, from his rich experience of gifts, from his broad and deep thinking, condensing the wisdom and philosophy belonging to his father.

Father's philosophy, like a gem, will bloom with the time of the wipe, will bloom; Like a poem, with the experience of the increasingly rich, will be magnificent as a song; Like a torch, with the flame of faith bear, will be passed on for generations.


  • a

    Mount qomolama

    The highest peak of the earth, 8848 the world and be the top king in the industry.

  • F

    water tap

    AFA starts with faucet and sink. Always adhere to the original intention of Seiko craftsman.

  • a

    The first letter

    A is the first of 26 letters. AFA should be the leader in the industry,Lead the industry and be an enterprise admired by peers.

Corporate Vision

Create a world-class century brand

The vision of an enterprise is that the founder and the team work hard all their life to complete or inherit the cause. AFA, as a Chinese enterprise, has a broad view of the world and looks forward to the future with a big pattern. Let people around the world know AFA, use AFA products, and create a world-class century brand, which is the common vision of AFA people!

Corporate Mission

Create a healthy and comfortable living space for human beings

AFA in the enterprise's own development at the same time, is also constantly concerned about the health of the global human living space, which is not only a responsibility, but also a mission of AFA enterprises! Let people stay away from formaldehyde and other harmful substances, make home life more quality and comfortable, and let the tired body relax in a healthy and comfortable environment. This mission will be the driving force of AFA forever and push us forward.

Core Values

Since its establishment in China in 1993, AFA has been focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of stainless steel products. Now the layout of the whole stainless steel house is customized, and it always focuses on the stainless steel product field. In terms of product innovation, AFA has never stopped its pace. It has introduced international leading equipment, established a cutting-edge design and R & D team, and strived to overcome obstacles in the industry. In life and work, AFA always adheres to the sincere treatment of every user and partner, thanks for the silent efforts of team members and everyone who has helped AFA.


SS'Light Luxury Full Room Customization

  • Life attitude
  • Self Affirmation
  • Breath
  • Power