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Health Life

Integration of nature, advocate healthy life



AFA adhering to the "good stuff, good product" concept, featuring 304 stainless steel, lead, eliminate lead hazards from the source, corrosion-resistant, not rust, timeless.





AFA stainless steel bathroom faucet product design philosophy will be "people-oriented" in the first place, the design of the product are made from living a healthy bit of departure, so that consumers feel warm and considerate AFA when using AFA kitchen products.

AFA from home for the future understanding of the water of life, the health of the integration with the user-friendly design, the use of original soft silk surface treatment technology, fine and smooth, without electroplating, plating layer off to avoid causing harm to human body, water and environmental pollution .
AFA .creating a clean kitchen space, creating a healthy and comfortable home life.



The Leader of healthy life


AFA is a global leader in high-quality lead-free Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink products manufacturer, which found in 1993.Over ten year.AFA is active in the sanitary ware markkets of Europe,America,Austrailia etc.AFA adhering to the "safe, professional, science and technology," the concept of product manufacture, selection of imported medical grade 304 stainless steel, to create a safe and healthy medical-grade lead-free faucet.

"Safety and Innovation" is AFA brand spirit. AFA has always been convinced -"There is no security; no innovation, no future." We also persist “Quality first,then to the cost and output”,AFA insist on people-oriented, with water as the source, the security in the first place, continues to lead the innovation revolution kitchen products.

AFA focus on stainless steel kitchen solutions, is one of the earliest start to develop and produce stainless steel kitchen brand in the industry, with large-scale, professional stainless steel sink, stainless steel faucets, stainless steel shower manufacturing base, Product sales ranked forefront of the industry in order to bring health and beauty to enjoy!





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