Environmental Protection

It produces a new green environmental protection idea.




It produces a new green
environmental protection idea.


Afastainlesskb always advocates ''giving first priority to environmental protection''. It actively popularizes low-carbon concept. It devotes itself to be a pioneer enterprise along the road of environmental protection.




•  Green ideas

•  Green production

•  Green products

•  Green life




• Green ideas

17 years' unremittingly green environmental protection idea guides the company developments. AFA emphasizes to use the technological progress and innovation. It pushes forward the combination of the products and energy-saving environmental protection technology. It develops more and greener goods, establishes a green; natural and harmonious life. It is winner of low-carbon times, of low-carbon times.


• Green production

In 2002, the company passed ISO14000 Environmental Protection Certification System. It shows our unremitting efforts to environmental protection. In addition, it established 'material re-use system" to ensure that all the raw materials have been fully used. Those have not been used fully will be returned to the material manufacturer.


• Green products

Every of AFA products, from floor drain; angle valve and small serial parts to faucets and sanitary wares etc., we controlled every step of production from product research; development to design to the manufacture, under green environmental protection concept. The products have been elaborately manufactured through the strict control of AFA green production lines. It ensures the safe, reliable, energy-saving, environmental protection properties of every style of 'AFA* products.


• Green life

As a leading brand of trough field, over the years. AFA keeps challenging its low-carbon innovative capability. Several hundred "AFA" engineers and professional technicians are always making the remitting efforts to push forward the technological developments and portray a fine future of human beings.

They create a green and happy life by modern high-tech through inventing, improving, perfecting the trough, faucet, sanitary wares etc.