Why Is The Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Material Both Functional And Graded?


For families living in modern cities, traditional laund […]

For families living in modern cities, traditional laundry rooms have gradually been replaced by washing machines due to restrictions on the size of homes, but washing machines are not suitable for underwear and some shirts that are not suitable for shuffling and machine washing. Good cleaning, at this time the balcony laundry cabinet with washing machine and laundry pool has become the choice of most families. How do we choose to display both functions and grades? And listen to Xiaobian slowly.

1. Traditional feelings are also good - ceramic laundry cabinet

Ceramics are a very common material in laundry cabinets, and we are not unfamiliar with it. The appearance of the ceramic is smooth and the surface hardness is very high. It can be washed with water only when cleaning, which is very convenient for cleaning. Moreover, the appearance of ceramic white has a high "face value", with traditional feelings, coupled with elegant home-style, can improve the grade of the entire house. However, due to the limitation of its materials, ceramics have a single variety of colors and high deformation rate, which may be deformed by long-term use.

2. Durable and practical - Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet

Stainless steel, as the most widely used material in modern society, has many advantages when applied to laundry cabinets. The balcony laundry cabinet should be placed on the balcony, and it must be subjected to wind and rain, which will test the durability of its materials. Stainless steel is not only resistant to high temperatures, but also resistant to low temperatures, and has high hardness and chemical resistance. It is one of the best in durability. In addition to its practicality, stainless steel can produce a variety of styles and colors due to its strong plasticity. With a variety of home styles, it can better upgrade its own grades. Such good material still has shortcomings. Stainless steel is not resistant to corrosion by alkaline media. It must be used when it is used, and it is relatively cold and not suitable for winter use.

3. Noble representative - oak laundry cabinet

In the choice of furniture, everyone has always regarded oak furniture as a representative of the tall, as one of the materials of the laundry cabinet, because of its plasticity, can design a variety of styles according to user needs, the color of the paint can also be based on the customer's The decoration style is more flexible. However, oak is more expensive and has poor waterproof performance. It is easy to damage on an open-air balcony. Be sure to pay attention!

4. Practical application - multi-layer solid wood laundry cabinet

Multi-layer solid wood panels are an extension of MDF. The multi-layer solid wood flooring in life is the most common form and has recently been used in laundry cabinets. It has moderate physical properties such as strength and hardness, and the surface is smooth and smooth. It is suitable for machining and can add patterns and various decorative stickers on its surface. Moreover, its internal structure is relatively uniform, its stability is good, it is not easy to be deformed, it also has good waterproof performance, and the price is cheaper than that made of oak. However, as a wood product, long-term wind and sun will still cause damage to it, so it is not recommended to be placed on an open-air balcony.

5. Gorgeous turn - space aluminum laundry cabinet

The aluminum laundry cabinet at the beginning of the price is relatively high, and the style is not much different from the stainless steel laundry cabinet, no one accepts. In recent years, the space aluminum laundry cabinet began to change its form and changed into a profile. It not only played the original strong and solid features but also changed the style and color according to the custom conditions. The price was only slightly higher than that of stainless steel, and the overall cost performance was high. , has been loved by more and more people. However, the space aluminum material is lighter, and it is necessary to pay attention to fixing it when using it, and due to the limitation of materials, the customization can only make a simple chamfer.

In general, each type of laundry cabinet has its own advantages and disadvantages. The specific choice depends on its own home style and environment, but the most important thing is that you like it.