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Why Does the Stainless Steel Sink Rust

In many homes, the kitchen sink is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel sink is practical, beautiful, lightweight and durable, and it is the mainstream in today's kitchen washing containers. However, long-term use, many people will find that the surface of the stainless steel sink has even played a layer of rust.Why does the stainless steel sink rust?

Stainless steel, full name stainless acid-resistant steel, is a collective name for more than 100 kinds of steel materials. Stainless steel does not rust, it only contains chromium, nickel and other elements, it is not so easy to rust. In fact, in the harsh environment for a long time, stainless steel will also rust, and the probability and speed of rust will increase. For example, in a house that has just been renovated, there are many dust particles in the room. In an environment that is too acidic or alkaline, it will Increase the oxidation of stainless steel. In more than 100 different materials of stainless steel, each stainless steel is not the same as the antioxidant capacity. In daily life, the common good stainless steel material is 201,304,316. The commonly used stainless steel sink is 304 stainless steel.

In normal use, stainless steel sinks generally do not rust, but under special conditions, there will be rust. In most cases, stainless steel sinks are rusted on the surface, that is, the surface of the sink has tiny rust. This is likely to have just been renovated, water pipes containing iron and rust, these impurities in the sink surface, the final rust phenomenon.Another situation is that when the decoration, the workers poured chemical paint into the sink and did not deal with it in time. The stainless steel sink was immersed for a long time and was corroded and oxidized to cause rust.

If there is only floating rust on the surface of the stainless steel sink, it is recommended that the owner can buy some products such as “five-clean powder” and “stainless steel rust-removing cream” and wipe it with a smear. You can also use toothpaste to scrub.

During the renovation, if chemical paint is poured into the sink, rinse it in time. When using stainless steel sinks, do not store water for a long time.