Why Does Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Become A New Favorite Beyond Wooden Cabinets?


Wooden cabinets have always been the darling of the kit […]

Wooden cabinets have always been the darling of the kitchen, because it is changeable and durable, until the emergence of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets  , let people experience what is a combination of environmental protection and durability. So let's talk about why stainless steel cabinets are better than wooden cabinets?


First, moisture-proof and heat-resistant

Compared with wooden cabinets, stainless steel cabinets are more moisture-proof and heat-resistant. They will not be cracked like wooden cabinets. In the case of heat-painting, service life will be longer. In the rainy season, wooden cabinets will often be affected by swelling and deformation. When it is exposed to direct sunlight and repeated drying, cracking may occur, which results in the life of the wooden cabinets generally only three or five years.


Second, environmental protection green

The wood cabinet itself will be epoxy resin synthesized, and a large amount of adhesive will be used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the problem of formaldehyde has been serious and it is easy to exceed the standard; and the high-end stainless steel cabinet like Bamberg eliminates the use of adhesives. Honeycomb aluminum is used as a filling material and does not contain any formaldehyde or harmful substances, so it is more environmentally friendly.


Third, oil cleaning

Because the surface of the board is textured, the wood cells will breathe, and it is easy to get oily, but it can't be scrubbed with water or detergent. It will be very troublesome to clean up; stainless steel cabinets don't have this concern, you can use weak detergents with confidence. It is easy to wipe directly with the wet rag and clean the oil.


Fourth, scratch resistance

Stainless steel is metal, the hardness is naturally stronger than wood. The daily cooking in the kitchen is quite busy. There will inevitably be bumps. Stainless steel cabinets don't have to worry about being damaged, but the wooden cabinets will leave obvious. The scratches are even cracked and are not as convenient as using stainless steel cabinets.


Five, never change color

Wooden cabinets will naturally age with the longer use time. Even if there is no moisture cracking, the paint film will naturally fall off, which will affect the appearance. Stainless steel cabinets do not have to worry about this, and can keep the color bright and new.