Why Compare Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink To Kitchen Artifacts


Today's stainless steel kitchen sinks are a must-have i […]

Today's stainless steel kitchen sinks are a must-have in the kitchen. It can clean vegetables and fruits, and can also place tableware, so it is very important to choose a high-quality kitchen sink. Now, most of the products on the market are made of 304 stainless steel sinks, which have the advantages of good flexibility, wear resistance and high-temperature resistance. Aging, not easily corroded by acid and alkali, suitable for a variety of styles, easy to install. So how do you choose a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink ?

1. Single and double trough: the trough has a single trough and a double trough. The volume of the large single trough is relatively large. The trough of the double trough has a certain division of labor. Generally, it is one big and one small, mainly referring to the countertop. Width, determined by personal preference and kitchen space.

2. Depth thickness: The depth of the water tank is generally 180mm-230mm, which has the advantages of large capacity and splash resistance. But the deeper the better, because the basin is too deep, it will take too much time to fill the water, it will be too small, and it will be bent. It is unreasonable to learn from the human body structure. The thickness of the steel plate of the stainless steel sink is preferably selected between 0.8 and 1.2 mm, and generally preferably 1 mm. When the product is pressed, the surface of the water tank is slightly pressed. If it is pressed, the material is very thin.

3, anti-overflow design: the top of the sink should have an overflow hole design, so even if you forget to turn off the faucet, it will not flood the Jinshan, avoid children's misuse, and ensure that the family is carefree and beautiful. The location and shape of the overflow are also different.

4, the bottom treatment: the bottom of the sink should be added anti-condensation coating and silencer pad. The anti-condensation coating can ensure rapid absorption and dissipation when the temperature difference is large to produce water droplets, moisture-proof water absorption, and anti-condensation, and avoid rotten cabinets. The high-quality sound-absorbing pad can prevent a large impact sound when the object is put into the water tank, and reduce the sound of the faucet falling water.

5, surface technology: the surface is common with fine drawing technology, after the oil-resistant process, the surface texture is fine, the ability to prevent oil is greatly enhanced, easier to clean.

6. Production process: The stainless steel sink process has a welding method and an integral molding method. The latter has high requirements on production technology, but the advantage of one-time forming sink is that the ductility and flexibility are better than that of the welded pot, and the shape is beautiful and smooth, so the sink must be turned over to see the edge and the basin.

7. Drainage diameter: If the drainage diameter is too small, it will affect the launching speed. The super large diameter of 50MM is the best. The stainless steel cage should be equipped with a double filter to avoid clogging and bacterial growth, and the water is smoother.

8. Sewer accessories: The sealing and corrosion resistance of the sewer fittings are the main factors that determine whether the water leaks in the future and the installation of the retractable downpipe is more convenient. In order to avoid the odor overflow, the deodorant funnel should also be designed.