Which Is More Popular, Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet And Space Aluminum


Now we have more and more laundry cabinet products to c […]

Now we have more and more laundry cabinet products to choose from. In recent years, the increasingly hot Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet has been loved by many families. So someone asked: What is the difference between space aluminum and stainless steel, which one is better?


First, the characteristics of space aluminum

Space aluminum is an environmentally friendly, non-fading, cost-effective metal, especially the space aluminum pendant has become a new trend in modern homes and one of the finest decoration.

Space aluminum is fashionable and durable, known as "never rust". Among them, high-quality products can guarantee no rust for at least 10-15 years. While maintaining a beautiful appearance, it is also rugged and affordable, so space aluminum laundry cabinets have gradually become a favorite model for many consumers.

However, the surface of space aluminum is generally matt and matt. Although stylish, it is not as elegant as chrome plating. And the quality of space aluminum is relatively light. Many friends who like the balcony laundry cabinet with texture may not like space aluminum very much.


Second, the characteristics of stainless steel

Stainless steel is a very common metal material in our lives. Heat resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and even ultra low temperature resistance. In terms of chemical properties

Resistant to chemical and electrochemical corrosion. This is second only to titanium alloys;

At the same time, stainless steel has strong plasticity and can be processed into various profiles such as plates and tubes, which is suitable for pressure processing. In terms of mechanical properties, stainless steel generally has high strength and hardness, and is suitable for manufacturing parts that are both corrosion resistant and require high strength and high wear resistance.

Of course, the disadvantages of stainless steel are also obvious. The main disadvantages of stainless steel balcony laundry cabinets are the high cost and high price, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to afford. In addition, stainless steel is not resistant to the corrosion of alkaline media. Long-term use or inadequate maintenance will cause a serious Damage, so after buying a stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet, do basic maintenance.

In short, as a balcony laundry cabinet, space aluminum and stainless steel have their own characteristics, so consumers should choose a balcony laundry cabinet that suits their needs and preferences.


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