Where To Install Stainless Steel Faucets


The common faucet is a double-edged sword because it gi […]

The common faucet is a double-edged sword because it gives us a lot of conveniences, but at the same time there will be many failures, then how do we properly install stainless steel faucets  ?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the installation of the single-hole kitchen faucet should be stable. Because the kitchen faucet is used frequently, and it is moved and moved, it is easy to loosen, so the lock nut must be tightened. Solve the problem of source failure of the faucet fundamentally.

Secondly, the diameter of the water outlet should be paid attention to when installing the faucet. Generally, it is more suitable from the basin to 35 cm. When installing, be sure to choose a special angle valve, and the angle valve must be fixed with the hot and cold water pipe of the wall outlet.

Then, find the problem in time during the installation process, and correct it immediately. For example, when there is a distance between the angle valve and the water pipe on the faucet, be sure to purchase a special extension pipe to connect. Do not use other water pipes to connect, because if If the water pressure is too large, it will fall off easily and leak water, causing damage to you. If the inlet pipe is too long to exceed the outlet pipe, you can cut off the part according to your needs. If the angle is not suitable, bend it to the position you need as needed.

Finally, do not bend hard to 90° or more than 90°. When installing the basin to remove water, please don't forget to buy a small interface for the faucet at the faucet manufacturer. Don't forget to flush the water pipes buried in the wall before you install it.