What Should We Do When the Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink Blocking


Stainless steel kitchen sinks are used to clean dishes, […]

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are used to clean dishes, fruits, vegetables. However, there are always people who will encounter sink clogging. This is because many housewives will pour some leftovers into sinks and clog sinks. In such a situation, how can we solve them? Take a look at some of the solutions for sink clogging.


1.If it is found that the Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink blocked and the faucet should be turned off, do not try to flush the impurities in the sink through the impact of water to prevent further accumulation of water.


2.When the Stainless Steel Small Radius Sinks clogged, you should first see what is blocking it. In the average family, the kitchen drains are blocked at the U-bends. Some sewer pipes will have a drain screw, so you just have to unscrew it and use the wire to open both sides. If it still cannot be solved, you can remove all the water pipes, unscrew all plastic connectors, clean the internal impurities, and then assemble them in order. This can be done in less than half an hour.


3.In the average family, the water pipes are blocked by greasy. Therefore, before the dredging, you can burn a pot of boiling water and go down the water pipe to get better. When clearing, use tools such as a hand or a hook to reach the drain pipe to remove any contaminants in the contaminated material. If users are on the first floor, they should check whether the outdoor sewers have pushed down the drain or the silt to block the drains.


4.If there is no obvious plug on the drain pipe of the sink , the plunger can be used to plug the overflow hole with a wet cloth, and then the plunger can be used to remove the blockage. If the plunger is unable to remove the plug, place a bucket near the drain's water outlet bend, and then unscrew the plunger to remove the plug.