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What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets?

Selection requirements for Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets :

1. When purchasing stainless steel cabinets, you should first ask the cabinet manufacturer to show the quality inspection certificate for the material of the stainless steel cabinets. Because stainless steel plates are divided into many grades, the quality of the grades determines the quality of the plates. Most consumers have no professional knowledge of stainless steel plates. They think that as long as they are stainless steel, they are similar. This view is wrong. Consumers are choosing stainless steel

For cabinets, try to use 304 stainless steel plates, which are more suitable for stainless steel countertops. In reality, there are often some unscrupulous dealers who use 201 secondary stainless steel plates as 304 material plates for sale, defrauding consumers. Therefore, when purchasing, you should try to ask the merchant to provide a quality certification certificate.

2. Pay attention to the welding lines in the details. Because stainless steel uses welding technology in the production combination, when choosing, you should pay attention to check whether the lines of these welds are uniform and smooth, especially check the welding process of the countertop. There must be no broken welding or uneven welding. Technical stainless steel cabinets.

3. Look at the edge banding. Better stainless steel cabinets have fine, smooth edge sealing, good hand feeling, straight and smooth sealing lines, fine joints, no edges, no edges and corners, and there should be no obvious feeling of cutting hands when touching the bottom edge of the countertop. High-quality, high-grade all-stainless steel cabinets do not need edge sealing at all, their edges and surfaces are a whole!

4. Look at the assembly effect of the whole set of cabinets. Any dimensional error in the production process will be reflected on the door panels. The door panels produced by professional manufacturers are horizontal and vertical, and the gap between doors is even, while the cabinets produced by inferior manufacturers will have uneven door gaps, uneven gaps, There are big and small phenomena.

5. Check out the drawer guides. Although it is a small detail, it is an important part that affects the quality of the cabinet. Due to the size error of the hole position and the plate, there is an error in the installation size of the slide rail, resulting in the situation that the drawer is not pulled smoothly or the left and right are loose. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the gap between the drawer is even.

6. When purchasing a countertop, choose a countertop that has undergone a wire drawing process. Due to the special treatment of this kind of countertop, the countertop has a strong ability to resist scratches and deformation. Try to choose a thicker stainless steel countertop, which can better prevent deformation and will not cause deformation of the countertop due to the falling of certain objects on the countertop.