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What Is The Thickness Of Handmade Sink?

The size of the Handmade Sink depends on the material of the sink, the size of the countertop, and the size of the kitchen. Generally speaking, the reasonable width of the sink is between 430mm~480mm, and the thickness of the sink should not be too thick or too thin, about 0.8mm~1mm. , it has to be replaced after a period of time, which is expensive and laborious. In addition, the sink is divided according to the material, there are artificial stone, stainless steel, ceramics, etc., the material is different, the size of the sink is also slightly different. details as follows:


1. The size of the stainless steel sink is about 600*450mm.
2. The size of the ceramic sink is generally 600*500mm.
3. The size of the artificial stone sink is generally 880*480mm.
When choosing a sink, you must first figure out the size, depth, and thickness required by the sink to prevent mistakes, which will be too troublesome to replace later.