How To Choose The Matching Sink Drain Pipe In The Kitchen Using Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets


In the process of decorating the kitchen, many small de […]

In the process of decorating the kitchen, many small details need to be paid attention to, such as the design of the sink sewer that is often overlooked when installing the kitchen cabinet. It is helpful to know that the reasonable arrangement of the sewer can be used for future use.

So today we will discuss how to properly place the sewer under the kitchen sink. First of all, we know that in order to improve aesthetics, most people will use the whole cabinet. The sewer import and export under the whole cabinet sink is also reasonable.

Usually, the drains below the sink need to be noted:

1. The sewer is composed of drain pipes and interfaces, so the selection of high-quality drain pipes can ensure that the entire sewer can be used for a long time. Currently, common drain pipes are made of PVC and stainless steel. When selecting, it can be determined according to the material of the kitchen cabinet. For example, Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets  in the kitchen, the drainage material is also more suitable for stainless steel.

2. Location of the drain pipe: Mainly consider the smooth drainage, convenient maintenance and the influence between the cabinets. It is usually suitable for placement under the kitchen sink and ingeniously obscured by the cabinet door, which is both aesthetically pleasing and aesthetically pleasing.

3. The length of the drain pipe should be determined according to the actual space under the sink. The design should take into account the smooth flow of water when cleaning the food, so it should not be too long or too short and pay attention to the design of the return odor. People can be happy and healthy during use.

4. Although the sewer is a small part in the kitchen, it is designed to be really useful for future use.