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The Special Afa Stainless Steel Shower Drain

This is a special made stainless steel floor drain that from professtional stainless steel shower drain manfuacturers -handmadesink.net that is used for unusual applications. Often, sanitary floor drains are not used for this type of flooring, but the application itself requires floor clamps. The unit is made of Type 304 stainless steel but is also available in Type 316. The tank is 6 inches deep and has a total width of 13.5 inches including the clamping flange.

Grease is lighter than water and rises to the tank surface when separated. To achieve this, a grease interceptor was used. There are two types of grease interceptor, gravity and hydraulic machinery. Gravity interceptors are very large units, usually located on the outside, usually made of concrete. Because of their large size, they rely on the natural separation of grease and water, which is called retention time. Fluid mechanical grease interceptors are small, usually engineering units located inside. These devices are designed to effectively accelerate the separation of grease and water and by using smaller tanks.

The larger the interceptor, the higher the flow, it will handle it effectively and retain more grease before it needs to be cleaned. The hydromechanical unit controls the incoming waste water through a flow control device, limiting the flow to a specified maximum flow for a specific size unit. Once in the water, it goes straight down and forces the grease and water through a series of strategic position bezels. Once passed through a series of baffles, the wastewater will be successfully directed to the outlet and the separated grease will rise to the ground for future removal.

Stainless steel floor drain special: it is excluded from the ground water, water quality worse than any other appliance, solid, fibrous, hair, easy sediment, which is different from other materials such as zinc alloy, copper and other materials and Has its unique characteristics. Stainless steel floor drain with deodorizing function is more practical, effectively avoiding odor problems in wet weather toilets and creating a good home living environment.