The Selection Techniques Of Stainless Steel Floor Drain


Stainless Steel Floor Drain it excludes ground water, w […]

Stainless Steel Floor Drain it excludes ground water, water quality is worse than any other equipment, solids, fiber, hair, easy deposits, etc. It is different from other materials such as zinc alloy, copper and other materials and has its unique characteristics , Quality and cheap, at the same time it has 304,201 and other materials, moderate price, suitable for different levels of consumer demand.

Size: Whether it is to select stainless steel floor drain or floor drain of other materials, the first choice is to choose according to the size of the floor drain. Therefore, before designing the floor drain, it is necessary to discuss with the construction party and how much the floor drain size is. After all, the floor drain size in the market is standardized, and then the floor drain size reserved for the ground is selected.

Influent/drainage: In fact, it is not advisable to control the inlet for the stainless steel floor drain. In general, an ordinary floor drain body usually has 3 to 4 inlets. If the stainless steel floor leaks into the inlet, it will affect With regard to the problem of water discharge, it has been said that in order to provide drainage protection, it is best to keep the drain outlet of the stainless steel floor drain at two or so.

Bulk water deodorant: stainless steel floor drain must be fast in the area of loose water, if not, it will easily cause backwater problems, resulting in water damage throughout the house. In addition to the issue of loose water is very critical, there is another key point is reflected in the role of deodorant function, in the selection of such stainless steel floor drain according to the deodorant principle, equipment, methods of advanced level carefully selected.