The Practical Characteristics Of Lavatory Cabinet


The practical features of Lavatory Cabinet :   1. […]

The practical features of Lavatory Cabinet :


1. Water resistance:
The toilet has a lot of moisture, and the locker can often get water. Therefore, the toilet locker should have a good waterproof type, and have the characteristics of non-absorption and impermeability to prevent damp rot. In the long run, it will also damage the daily necessities.


2. Anti-corrosion:
Chemical products are often used for disinfection and cleaning in daily life. Therefore, the storage cabinet must have excellent corrosion resistance, otherwise, its service life will be shortened. If you don't have it, you can also take protective measures, and spray anti-corrosion materials on the cabinet feet and other parts.


3. Decorative:
The design of bathroom storage cabinets should also be decorative. The bathroom itself is relatively simple and clean, and decorative storage cabinets can add a different artistic effect to the interior. Simple and elegant, solemn and exquisite.


4. Practicality:
The design of the bathroom storage cabinet is just right, which is both decorative and practical. It can not only place toiletries for daily use but also store other supplies to make the bathroom clean and tidy.


5. Easy to clean:
The design of the bathroom storage cabinet should be reasonable and appropriate to facilitate daily cleaning and cleaning. The design should be simple and generous, not too cumbersome, it will increase the difficulty of tidying up and cleaning.