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The Difference Between Handmade Sink And Stretched Stainless Steel Sink

Many customers use our website to call to inquire about the choice of manual stainless steel sinks and stretched stainless steel sinks. So today, Shanghai Hezhan Stainless Steel Products. Here is the difference between Handmade Sink and stretched stainless steel sink:


The ordinary water tank also called telescopic water tank, is made by one-time compression and drawing of a whole piece of steel plate with a model by a machine. The principle is somewhat similar to that of balloon blowing, so the bottom and corners of the sink will be appropriately thinned, usually 0.8mm thick steel.


Handmade Sink is not really beaten by hand but is made by cutting, bending and laser welding steel plates. It Will not change the thickness of the steel plate at the corner. The appearance is firm, the lines are full, and the weight is heavier. In fact, the difference between the two can be seen intuitively from the appearance. Due to mechanical equipment, ordinary sinks cannot produce edges close to right angles. Most sinks have rounded and smooth edges and manual sinks can be bent into smaller "R angles."


The small R angle of the manual sink is better in appearance, but it is a bit difficult to clean. In addition to distinguishing the two from the appearance, you can also observe the back of the sink. The telescopic sink is smooth overall. The manual sink is welded by steel plates, so there are usually welding marks on the edges and corners of the joint. At present, the price of manual sinks is generally higher than that of telescopic sinks, so many customers will choose telescopic sinks!