The Advantages of Afa Stainless Steel Floor Drain


1. 100% recyclable It will not cause environmental poll […]

1. 100% recyclable

It will not cause environmental pollution, environmental protection and be conducive to sustainable development, and even stainless steel scrap will have great economic value.

2. Beautiful, clean, stylish

It can help improve the grades of urban buildings. It can be installed on the surface, concealed, or buried.

3. Conducive to saving water resources

The high strength of stainless steel floor drains greatly reduces the possibility of leakage due to external forces, significantly reduces the water leakage rate, and allows water resources to be effectively protected and utilized.

4. Wide range of use

Stainless steel floor drains can be used for hot and cold water projects in home renovations and high-end villa renovations; municipal water supply pipe networks, direct drinking water pipes, hot water transmission, medium and high-grade building water supply, hot water supply pipes, steam pipes, and outdoor areas in severe cold areas. High-speed, urban fire water supply, pump room and other occasions. (Successful cases include: Reconstruction of Cold, Hot Water and Steam Pipes of the Great Hall of the People; 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Swimming Pool and Cycling Hall Cold and Hot Water Projects; Beijing Huaping Fairmont Hotel Cold Water and Drinking Water Project; Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital 301 hospital cold and hot water projects; Xinjiang building cold and hot water projects, etc.)

5. Long service life and low overall cost

The field corrosion test data shows that the service life of stainless steel water pipes can reach 100 years, almost no maintenance is needed during the life cycle, the cost and trouble of the faucet replacement are avoided, the operation cost is low, and the comprehensive use cost (calculated with the service life of 50 years) is only 1/2 of galvanized pipe, 1/4 of high-quality PPR pipe, and 1/2 of copper pipe.