Tell Us: What Depth Of China Stainless Steel Sink Do You Like?


Choose the sink with the right depth so that you don't […]

Choose the sink with the right depth so that you don't have back pain, your neck is uncomfortable and the countertop is forgotten to clean up. Most people think that the bigger the better. Perhaps it is because the tradition of our country is like this. So when it comes to the kitchen, it does have a nice wide sink. It has plenty of room for food preparation and dishwashing, which is perfect for ordinary families. Here's a detailed discussion of what depth of  China Stainless Steel Sink to use.

The depth of the kitchen sink has been getting deeper and deeper. Most sinks used to be 6 inches or lighter; today's average depth is 8 to 10 inches, and if you re-use an old-fashioned sink, it can reach 12 inches.

1. Under what circumstances choose the shallow sink

A shallower groove depth - say a sink less than 8 inches (20 cm) - would be the most comfortable groove depth for those who are one meter 6 or shorter (1 meter 88 or higher). The shallower depth allows a shorter person to use the sink without having to bend over to clean the contents at the bottom of the sink. Higher people can also use a shallower sink without having to kneel or hunchback.

The shallow sink takes up less space in the sink cabinet below. This not only frees up storage space, but it also makes it easier to install and use the garbage disposal and plumbing fittings. The shallow sink is also a bit cheaper than the deeper sink.

2. Under what circumstances choose the deep sink

For people like me who make the whole kitchen dirty when cooking, an ultra-deep sink is more ideal. You have plenty of room to prepare meals, and you can hide dirty dishes there until you have time to wash them. This is also the favorite sink for bakers or other people who often wash cauldrons and chopping boards. A sink with a minimum depth of 10 inches (25 cm) will provide you with more space for washing dishes without splashing water onto the floor and surrounding countertops.

When you choose the kitchen sink, you can find a sink that fits the height and the depth you are comfortable with. If you can, check out the kitchen showrooms with a variety of sink sizes with standard kitchen countertop heights. Try which sink depth you feel most comfortable with.