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Suitable Installation Height for Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet

Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet is a must-have for household items in the bathroom. Many people may only pay attention to the amount of water from the shower when selecting the stainless steel shower head, whether the nozzle is clean, whether the plating process is well handled, but it ignores the installation height of the shower. In fact, the installation height of bathroom showers is very important, which will directly affect the comfort of use. So, how high is the height of the stainless steel shower installed?


The height of the stainless steel shower head from the ground: The distance between the stainless steel shower head and the ground is generally controlled within a height range of about 90 to 100 cm. In this interval, we can also fine-tune our own height. However, it is generally not higher than 110cm. If it is too high, the shower riser cannot be installed.


Stainless steel shower head reserved height: When laying pipelines, first set aside the position clearly, generally higher than the rough wall 15mm, so that when plastering the tile just to cover the silk head to ensure that the wall is beautiful.


Stainless steel shower wire elbow reserved spacing: For the shower shower wire elbow reserved spacing is generally about 10 ~ 15cm.


The concealed stainless steel shower is a way to expose only one shower. The shower column that is out of water is buried in the wall and cannot be seen. The center of the outlet from the wall for the shower head should reach a distance of about 2.1m from the ground. The distance between the shower control switch and the faucet from the ground should be controlled to about 1.1m. This is also the most common stainless steel shower installation height.


Surface mount shower heads Installation height: All mounted outside the wall. Mounted shower showers are generally based on the water surface as the reference plane to determine the height. The shower is best at a distance of 2m from the horizontal plane. In actual installation, specific judgments should be made based on the user's actual height standard. The height of the shower head is usually such that the fingertip just touches when the user raises the arm.