Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Tells You How To Choose The Right Sink For The Kitchen


Everyone knows that renovation is a very troublesome th […]

Everyone knows that renovation is a very troublesome thing. From the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom, every detail in the house needs us to worry about it. For example, the sink in the kitchen we are going to talk about today, it is divided into a single slot and double slot, then how do we choose this?

The use of single and double slots in the kitchen, in fact, the difference is still quite large, after all, the number of sinks is different, it will have a significant impact on the future use of everyone. The advantages and disadvantages of single and double tanks, Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers can be analyzed from three aspects, we are for reference only.

1. It is more convenient to clean the single slot of the kitchen.

It can be said that the sink is the only source of tap water in our kitchen. In addition to washing dishes and washing dishes in the kitchen, some kitchen utensils need to be washed with a sink. However, single and double tanks differ in size due to volume. Because there are two sinks in the double slot, the middle is separated by materials. It is more convenient for many people to wash vegetables. However, it is really safe to use it to clean the kitchen utensils. It is estimated that a pot cannot be plugged, let alone cleaned! The single trough is obviously more convenient. If you want to brush the pot after cooking, we can directly use the tap water to the single sink to wash with tap water.

2. The cost of purchasing a single slot is cheaper.

Although the price of a sink is only a fraction of the cost of our entire renovation. In the case of the same effect, the choice of household products must be as cheap as possible! Generally speaking, when purchasing a sink, the single tank is cheaper than the double tank, and the reason why the double tank is more expensive maybe because there is one more groove, so the manufacturing process is cumbersome and the middle part is As a region of the pinch, it also takes a certain amount of material! It is worth mentioning that when using double slots at home, in many cases one of the slots of the double slot is left empty, and in the end, it has the same effect as a single slot!

3. It is easier to clean the single slot of the sink.

After the sink has been used for a long time, it needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, it will become dirty and dirty, which will affect the hygiene of the vegetables and dishes that we clean in the sink. Because the overall shape of a single groove is a groove, it does not have too many holes and gaps. When cleaning, you only need a rag to clean the single groove. In the case of double tanks, it is more difficult to clean because the process is relatively complicated.

After reading this, I believe that everyone has already understood which single slot and double slot are better. When we are decorating the kitchen, it is better to choose a single slot. This will save you a lot of things in your future life. If you choose a single slot, just prepare a drain basket! The single sink is matched with the drain basket, which perfectly solves the problem that the single sink can't drain.