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Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share Tips For Cleaning Sinks

The kitchen sink is used every day, it is very laborious to clean? Dirty kitchen waste water flows in the kitchen sink, hiding water stains and invisible mold. If there is no daily cleaning, there will be white scale on the side of the sink, and black and slippery moss will appear on the drain hole and filter. If you don’t pay attention to cleaning in the long term, the drain pipe in the kitchen may be blocked over time. Remove the sewage and remove it effortlessly.

  1. Don't brush hard on the dirt of the Stainless Steel Sink: the bubbles and tap water in the dishwashing water will evaporate the minerals and leave a white state. The long-term accumulation of dirt on the top becomes difficult to wash off easily. It is useless to wipe it with a rag alone. It is strictly forbidden to use nylon brush and decontamination powder when washing the stainless steel sink, because it will scratch.
  2. Self-made natural sewage removal, no damage to the sink and drain: the sink of the fluid table is clean. Although various detergents are sold on the market, it is also convenient to use, but they are composed of chemicals. Worry, because of the alkaline nature of rust, the acidic citric acid can wash away the dirt and deodorize the function. Share the homemade simple natural citric acid spray.

Universal baking soda powder: 10g, citric acid: 10g, water: 40ml, one spray bottle


how to use:

The citric acid spray first sprays all the sinks of the countertop and can be covered with kitchen paper towels. It can be from tens of minutes to several hours. Then, once you wipe it with a sponge again, you can see the amazing change of dirty water stains. In addition, remember to spray the faucet, and also use the slit in the switch, and then use the toothbrush or toothpick to scrub and remove the dirt. Clean the drain hole and the water filter cup smoothly. The pipe of the drain hole is a small channel. If it is not kept clean, it will produce an unpleasant odor. At this time, you can try a small cup of baking soda powder to dilute with water and then drizzle it. Warm and hot water (60-70 degrees), do not boil, so as not to fall for a long time, causing the water pipe to crack, after rushing, use the s tube or a special commercial long brush to brush; the water filter cup should not be used every day, remember Use the above-mentioned self-made spray to spray, buy an extra filter to attach, and throw away the food waste to avoid the growth of insects and cockroaches.