Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share The Benefits Of Installing A Water Purifier Faucet


Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers share Common counter […]

Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers share Common countertop functions are generally the following: there will be a soap dispenser on the left or right side of the faucet, usually stainless steel, more advanced ones will be made of copper, and the bottle body of the soap dispenser is usually made of ABS.


In fact, the most damaged soap dispenser is the bottle body. This is a place that is easily overlooked. If the bottle body material is not closed, it is easy to crack and break, because the wire mouth and the connection method are different, it is a little trouble to have a bottle separately!


There is a little trick, you can remove the soap dispenser of your home and see if the inner straw is longer than the bottle body. If it is too long, you need to shorten it because the straw will be pressed when the top button is pressed. It has a certain impact on the bottle body, and because there is often detergent residue on the silk mouth of the bottle body, the lubrication effect of the detergent is easy to push the bottle down. The second tip is that you can take the bottle down when you need to wash the detergent. You don’t need to unplug the soap dispenser.


Install the water purifier faucet: Because many brands of sinks are only equipped with two countertop outlets, one is usually a faucet and the other is a soap dispenser. When the water purifier faucet needs to be installed, the soap dispenser can be removed and replaced with a net Water outlet. If there is still free space on the table, you can use a drill to open a hole and install it. Many sinks are also equipped with cutting boards. The purpose of this cutting board is actually not to cut vegetables for a long time. Because of its small size, it is used to process vegetables, such as cabbage, which can be poured into the sink for cleaning after cutting. . It is also very common to handle fish and other foods that require frequent cleaning and are not suitable for processing on the console. However, if the cutting board is exposed to moisture for a long time, the moisture needs to be dried after use to prevent cracking and mildew. It is best to equip a cutting board stand separately.