Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Introduces How To Properly Use The Space Under The Sink


Many people think that the various water pipes that go […]

Many people think that the various water pipes that go around under the sink are not suitable for many things that are horizontal and vertical. In the end, they can only be piled up in a mess or simply discarded. But in fact, make good use of this place. You can also put in a lot of things. The following Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will introduce how to properly use the space under the sink.


1. Use the storage box skillfully
The space under the sink is actually quite large. As long as you buy back a storage box of a suitable size as shown in the picture, you can make good use of this space. If you feel that the underside of the sink is unsightly when you open it, you can also wrap it cleanly on the pipe. Lovely plastic paper, so it looks a lot foreign.


2. Clever use of partitions
Whether it is wall or cabinet storage, the shelf is definitely a simple and versatile good thing, that is, it can layer the cabinet well, and can also make reasonable use of the limited space. The point is that the price is not expensive, and it is absolutely economical. Store good things.


3. Telescopic shelf
The low utilization rate of the sink cabinet is because the internal space structure is unreasonable. If you don’t make a shelf, you can only use one level of space. However, some cabinets are low, and want to put more storage boxes will feel particularly crowded. At this time This kind of shelf comes in handy. The nail-free design is very convenient, and it is arranged according to the actual placement needs, which will definitely double the entire space.