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Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Introduce Sink Scratch Treatment

Afa Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers introduces sink scratch treatment methods:

1. Use the right tool: When cleaning stainless steel, be careful and use a non-abrasive tool. Soft cloth and plastic wipes will not damage the stainless steel surface. Of course, the ball can also be cleaned with stainless steel, but it must be wiped according to the manufacturer's sanding mark.


2. Clean in the direction of the sanding line: Some stainless steel surfaces have a sanding line or "texture". If there is a sanding line, it must be wiped in the same direction as the sanding line. If the texture is not clear, then be careful and wipe with a soft cloth or plastic pad.


3. Use alkaline, chloralkali or bleach-free detergents: Many traditional washes contain bleach, and the industry is now offering more bleach-free detergents. If the detergent used contains bleach, do you have other options beside it? They may have a bleach-free detergent to choose from. Of course, avoid using detergents containing chloride salts. Because this may cause small pits or rust. So don't blindly remove the scratches, because rationally correct to find the cause and solve it.