Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Introduce Different Functions Of Different Sinks


The importance of the sink in the kitchen is self-evide […]

The importance of the sink in the kitchen is self-evident, so how to choose the sink, let's take a look with Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers .


Kitchen sinks are divided into cast iron enamel, ceramics, stainless steel, artificial stone, steel plate enamel, acrylic, crystal stone sinks, etc. according to materials; according to style, they are divided into single basins, double basins, double and large basins, and double shaped basins.


①Stainless steel sinks have been popular for a long time. As for the current situation, more stainless steel sinks are used. This choice is not only because the metal texture of the stainless steel material is quite modern, but more importantly, the stainless steel is easy to clean and the panel is thin and light. , And also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and so on. In terms of price, ranging from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, the price of different sink brands is also very different. However, it has many functions and is light. Through precision processing, it can be made into different styles and can be matched with various kitchen countertops.

②The ceramic sink is durable and wear-resistant.

③The artificial stone sink is easy to shape, and there is no joint at the corner.

④If you pay attention to the overall color of the kitchenware, you can choose the acrylic sink. It is not only white, but also other colors that can be equipped with kitchenware.

⑤Crystal stone sinks are mostly iron gray and beige. Be careful when using them. Sharp knives and rough objects will scratch the surface and damage the finish.

⑥The steel plate enamel sink is beautiful.

⑦The cast iron enamel sink is durable, but the market is rare. Occasionally, there are imported products, and its price is more than several thousand yuan, which makes the general people dare not pay attention.

Therefore, when you buy a sink, you must first determine what kind of material is suitable for the home kitchen/, and then choose the brand.