Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturer Introduces Sink Quality Identification Method


There are a lot of stainless steel sinks on the market. […]

There are a lot of stainless steel sinks on the market. How do you know that it is a stainless steel sink with better quality? What are the characteristics of stainless steel sinks with better quality? According to the experience of Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers , we will introduce the characteristics of good quality stainless steel sinks.

When identifying stainless steel sinks, first look at the surface of the stainless steel sink when there are water droplets, if any, it is unqualified. A generally qualified water tank has been subjected to a coating treatment process at the bottom of the tank so that the occurrence of water droplets can be prevented.

The second is to check the noise level. When the water flows against the bottom of the tank, if there is a big sound, it means that the sink is not very good. If the sound is small or even no sound, the sink is very good because the sink is In the design, a mute veneer is placed at the bottom of the groove to prevent noise.

The last thing is to look at the surface treatment of the stainless steel sink. The best surface treatment is the brushed surface treatment. However, this requires a special machine to handle it. It is only available abroad, but it is not available in China. The most advanced technology in the country is sandblasting, followed by sanding. If the surface is treated well, then the life of the sink will be extended for a long time.

Generally, the quality of the stainless steel sink is determined by the above three factors. Generally, the stainless steel sink with good quality has the above characteristics.