Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning Major Matters Needing Attention


Today, stainless steel products can be found everywhere […]

Today, stainless steel products can be found everywhere in our lives. Especially in our home kitchens, stainless steel kitchen utensils are numerous, ranging from stainless steel cutlery to stainless steel sinks. Kitchenware made of materials.

Most people nowadays attach great importance to the quality of life. Therefore, the demand for household items is also very high. Although the sink is a relatively simple part of the home life, people will still choose better when they buy it. Nowadays, the most sought after stainless steel sink is the sink. Stainless steel sinks first appeared in European countries and the United States. China's stainless steel sinks first appeared in Taiwan. In the early 1990s, Taiwanese merchants introduced stainless steel sinks when they invested in factories in the mainland.

Stainless steel sink cleaning three major matters needing attention:

1.For utensils in the cooking area must be regularly scrubbed, otherwise it will nourish many bacteria, such as sinks. According to incomplete statistics, it is known that the microbiological capacity of the sink is 100,000 times that of the bathroom, so twice a week deep cleaning Indispensable, in addition, if a coloring trace is produced, this deposition can be removed with a low concentration vinegar solution.

2.Rinsing raw meat with water in the tank will cause a large amount of bacteria to splash out invisible. Therefore, it is recommended that the meat be washed in the pot and then rinsed. This will also enable the raw meat to be treated more cleanly.

3.Do not store salt-rich or aggressive foods in the tank or panel for a prolonged period of time. This will not only corrode the tank, but will also cause the appearance of difficult-to-clean traces. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to these matters at ordinary times.