Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet'S Daily Maintenance Rules


The daily use and maintenance of the laundry cabinet, t […]

The daily use and maintenance of the laundry cabinet, the better the maintenance, the longer the use period of course! The following Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturer will tell you how to extend the life of the laundry cabinet.


  1. Be careful when handling! It should be noted that the balcony laundry countertops are basically formed at a time, and should be lifted up gently. Don't avoid bumpy transportation without any buffer device, it is easy to break.
  2. Laundry cabinets of any material will turn yellow if exposed to sunlight all year round. Therefore, if the laundry cabinet is installed on the balcony, you need to install a curtain on the balcony window or avoid direct sunlight.
  3. The maintenance of the cabinet is also the external maintenance. Frequently use a soft cloth to gently wipe along the countertop to remove dust from the cabinet, the effect is very good!
  4. When cleaning the interior, try to use some clean soft cotton cloth that is not easy to depilate. Avoid using liquids that are too hot and too alkaline to clean the interior of the laundry cabinet.