Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturer Reminds You Of Laundry Cabinet Installation Precautions


Do you have such an experience in life, wash your cloth […]

Do you have such an experience in life, wash your clothes, the washing machine ran for more than half of the house, the sound is like thunder, want to say, then your home washing machine may have to be changed, or you should install - laundry cabinet, Some people are still struggling to install a laundry cabinet.

Of course, not only high value, sun protection, protection of the washing machine, but also easy to take care of. If you decide to put the washing machine on the balcony, then the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet  manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the following details.

1. The drum washing machine is generally 85cm high, and the washing machine should be 90cm high! The washing machine on the top cover should reserve more height space. Before doing it, it should be measured and reserved.

2, the sink and the laundry table must be made into a high and low platform, the height of the sink is about the crotch, so it will be easier to wash the clothes, not too tired!

3, the power outlet of the washing machine should not be installed directly behind the washing machine, or leave room for an extra plug-in, installed under the sink is the most scientific!

At the same time, it is recommended that you leave the position of the water purifier and the drain at the back of the sink. Do not leave it in the middle of the laundry cabinet. If this is the case, it will be difficult to install!

4, if your balcony is more serious in the sun, you must do a good job of sun protection, washing machine cabinets do not do wood, it is best to choose a brick laundry.

After the bricklaying, the tiles are decorated with different colors and the color is bright and sunscreen! You can also add curtains to the balcony, or use a small curtain in the washing machine cabinet to avoid direct sunlight.

Because the sink is usually set up next to the laundry cabinet, water is often used. Therefore, in the choice of materials, it is necessary to choose a material with good moisture resistance. Brick is a good choice. In order to prevent the washing machine from getting wet, we can raise the floor properly, which can increase the service life of the washing machine.

There are still some people who choose to buy in the mall. In fact, it is not recommended. The size of the laundry cabinets in the mall will generally have several specifications, but it will not be as large as the width of the balcony at home. The empty space will not only waste space but also hide Stained dirt; customized to match the washing machine.

In addition, the style and color of the store are fewer choices for the finished products, and the customization is more space-oriented, whether it is better in materials, colors, and shapes.

If the size of the apartment is small and the balcony is limited, you can also put the laundry cabinet in the kitchen or bathroom. The style is unified, and the effect can be amazing.