Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Has Become A Popular Choice For Decoration Now


Nowadays, there are many small apartments, so when deco […]

Nowadays, there are many small apartments, so when decorating, people will consider many practical integrated appliances, which can reduce space and ensure the comfort of life. So today we will discuss how to improve the utilization rate of the balcony.


Generally, the balcony will be designed as an area for drying clothes, then the laundry area is actually more suitable for placing on the balcony, because after washing the clothes, you can directly dry it, then how to achieve the laundry function on the balcony, in fact, the design of the laundry cabinet just solved In order to solve these problems, the laundry cabinet integrates storage, cleaning and space saving. Currently, Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet is widely used.


In addition, the washing machine can also be prevented from being in the laundry cabinet. For example, when the drum washing machine is customized, the countertop is generally fixed, and the washing machine can be embedded. Similarly, the pulsator washing machine is also suitable for laundry cabinets, the difference is that the countertop can be turned up. When the washing machine is not in use, the lid is closed.


When designing and placing the washing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to a water inlet and a water outlet of the washing machine. The laundry pool also needs a cold water outlet and a water outlet. If you want to use hot water, you need to add a hot water outlet. The water inlet, water outlet and socket are all arranged under the pool, which is convenient for later installation. If it is installed on the side of the washing machine, it will occupy the depth of the laundry cabinet, causing the washing machine to not plug in. The balcony area is not large, and a tee can be installed to deal with washing machine drainage and sink water. If the area is large, or narrow and long, a floor drain should be arranged on the balcony to be used as ground water. A socket is arranged under the washing pool, and the power cord of the washing machine is perforated, so that the wire is not exposed, beautiful and neat, and a waterproof cover should be added. One or two sockets need to be arranged above the laundry cabinet for other purposes.