Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Blends Modern And Antique


After a few large renovations from Gatlinburg, Tennesse […]

After a few large renovations from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the overall style was a mix of modern and antique. This three-story house has a newly renovated laundry room and master bathroom, but the downstairs room is a former shrine, full of the edge of World War II souvenirs.

The brick and siding rooms on the walls reflect the southern style of the cottage. The spacious front porch is surrounded by white square pillars that span the length of the house. The narrow front door entrance leads to an open concept floor plan. The living room is decorated with luxurious light brown velvet trim with red and blue pillows. White wooden shutters allow soft sunlight to spill into the room, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The white crown molding frame is a cream-colored wall that contrasts sharply with honey brown hardwood floors. There are two towering bookshelves around the fireplace, with shiny black granite frames and white wooden mantles.

Of course, the biggest attraction is the laundry room, which adds white inlaid cabinets and drawers to remodel and remodel the rooms. These laundry cabinets and drawers extend to the ceiling and reflect the illuminated recessed lights. The wrought iron chandelier hangs on a 9-foot granite island. There is a huge white farmhouse sink on the island. The silver and gold mosaic back panels are placed on the wall above the electric stove. The stainless steel appliance is paired with a silver handle to add a polished look to the stylish space. Really reflects the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet  blends modern and antique

The refurbished master bathroom, freed from the shower insert, removed the walls separating the bathroom from the rest of the room. Now, stylish, towering glass showers and jacuzzi sit on white whirlpool marble tiles. All this looks so natural and comfortable.