Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets-Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Cabinets: Basic Requirements


There are E0, E1, and even super E0 grade kitchen cabin […]

There are E0, E1, and even super E0 grade kitchen cabinet plates on the market, which are called environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets. The average consumer's understanding of environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets is only one-sided, and it is not just practical so-called environmentally friendly plates, and formaldehyde does not exceed the standard are called environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets. What is a real environmentally friendly kitchen cabinet?

1.Hazardous substances do not exceed the standard
In addition to formaldehyde pollution, kitchen cabinets also have other chemical pollution. There may also be harmful substances such as benzene and tritium in the kitchen cabinet. In addition to the panels, cabinet boards and adhesives need to be processed to ensure that the content of various harmful substances does not exceed the standard.



2. Fine workmanship
Be careful of rough manufacturing process, which will cause harm to human body. Kitchen cabinets with poor materials and workmanship may have burrs, sharp corners, and quick mouths in the details. These unreasonable parts can easily cause physical injury. Directly handling food on the kitchen cabinet may cause impurities, debris, etc. due to countertop quality problems, which is also harmful to health.

There are also noise and light pollution in kitchen cabinets. To avoid these problems, environmentally-friendly kitchen cabinets must use high-quality hardware and choose a reasonable countertop.



3. Energy-saving design
 Environmentally-friendly kitchen cabinets should use energy-saving design. The choice of sink directly affects the amount of tap water used. A single large water tank is more water-efficient than the currently popular double-tank water tank; because the large water tank needs to store more water, and the double water tank can be immersed and washed separately, which can use water more reasonably.


The gas stove should be set as far away from the air vent as possible. If it is installed near the door, the gas will be affected by the flowing air during use. Not only the gas usage will increase, but the oil fume will be scattered by the wind and cannot be absorbed intensively. work.



4. Use safety
Kitchen cabinet design should emphasize safety. Kitchen cabinets are places where water, electricity, and coal meet. If these three things are not used properly, they will cause harm to the environment and even affect personal safety. The overflow port in the water tank should be set reasonably; electrical appliances, wires and plugs should avoid leakage; gas valves, flameout protection, etc.



 In summary, it seems that the stainless steel overall kitchen cabinet is not difficult to meet the above requirements. First of all, there is no problem of hygiene and sanitation when cooking food on a 304 stainless steel countertop, because currently all stainless steel countertops are available for kitchen countertops. The anti-bacterial regeneration ability ranks first; secondly, the 304 stainless steel cabinet does not have the problem of the release of harmful gases such as formaldehyde; there is a stainless steel countertop, the stainless steel cabinet plus the stainless steel double sink, so the processed    Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets   is simply It is a perfect match, a seamless combination of clothes, which achieves excellent quality in terms of beauty and quality.




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