Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Don'T Pay Attention To These, Every Cooking Is The Ultimate Challenge


Unreasonable Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets design ma […]

Unreasonable Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets design makes the storage layout unreasonable. If the refrigerator is placed in another location in the kitchen, such as the sink on one side of the cooktop, the refrigerator is on the other side of the cooktop. In a small-sized kitchen, there will be a tight space, and a larger kitchen may avoid this situation. However, when cooking, when cooking, it will repeatedly cross the area where the refrigerator is located, which is also very inconvenient for life. The following stainless steel kitchen cabinet manufacturers come to share the points of attention in designing kitchen cabinets:

The I-type kitchen has a small storage space that gives a clean and simple feel and is often used in open kitchens. Due to the inconvenient lateral operation, Type I is suitable for families who often make simple meals. Type II, L, and U are more people's choices. Choosing cabinets of different shapes requires a comprehensive consideration of the countertop and walkway space to find a balance between the two.

Cabinet merchants generally calculate the price of cabinets according to Yanmi. The approximate formula is: cabinet price = cabinet extension meter * cabinet unit price + cabinet extension meter * floor unit price + table extension meter * table price.

When customizing cabinets, you can customize the combination of open and drawer cabinets according to your storage needs.

The combined cost of the open door cabinet + shelf is relatively low, and the more the cabinet, the lower the overall price of the cabinet. Some people will separate the cabinet into two layers to store things.

It is necessary to kill a bloody path from the outside to get the things inside. After using it diligently, it will highlight the encirclement and put things back in place. If you are lazy, you can put it directly. For a long time, the kitchen must be a mess.

The recommended practice is to make as many drawers as possible or use a push-pull small cabinet instead of a combination of cabinets and shelves. This type of cabinet uses the track to push and pull. It is especially suitable for placing some frequently accessed things. Usually, some seasonings can be placed there, and it is very easy to pick up.

This push-pull small-side cabinet can take things from the side, eliminating the embarrassment of picking up things in the cabinet in the aisle. One person takes things, and the other is free to pass, saving the narrow aisle.

Even if the drawer is subdivided, don't put everything in the drawer, it's not storage. The first essential point of storage is classification. Customized cabinets can be partitioned from the beginning, and the dishes can be dried and stored at a glance.

If you do not pre-partition, you can purchase multiple storage boxes, combine them into a complete storage area, and store the ingredients and tableware.

It is best not to set the drawer too deep, otherwise, half of the space is wasted.

The more hanging cabinets, the better? of course not!