Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Share Knowledge About Kitchen Bars


The right height of the bar can increase the beauty of […]

The right height of the bar can increase the beauty of the kitchen. In fact, it is a lot of choices to put a bar in the house. The cabinet bar is practical and beautiful. Then, when the bar is designed, what is the height of the cabinet height bar? Today, the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers brings you the knowledge about the height of the bar.

The bar has a variety of styling options, choose different styles, and the height of the bar is also different. Sometimes the difference in height will also affect the overall decoration effect, as long as a little bit of innovation, it becomes another style. In the home, there are usually two types of single-layer and double-layer bar. The height of the single-layer bar is about 110cm, and that of the double-bar is 80cm and 105cm.

First, how much is the height of the bar?

If we are making a bar in the corner, the operating space needs at least 90cm. If you are doing a single-layer bar, the height will be around 110cm. If you choose a double-bar design, the height is 80cm and 110cm, and the difference is at least 25cm.

Generally, the height of the small sink of the bar should be more than 60cm, and the height of the countertop should be about 80cm. The other heights can be measured according to the actual needs of the individual. The sink should be purchased with a flat bottom so that we can not pour or crash when placing the cup. The depth of the sink should be more than 20cm to avoid splashing.

The depth of the countertops is generally determined by the function of the bar. If the owner only wants to drink and dine, the width of the countertops will be larger. If you need to prepare seats in front of the counter, then the countertops It is necessary to highlight the bar itself, the depth of the table is at least 50cm, and the bottom of the bar can be used as storage.

Second, what are the types of a family bar?

1. Wall-mounted bar: When designing a wall-mounted bar, some items can be matched on the top of the table. The advantages of this bar design method: less floor space, we can design in the restaurant, study, bedroom space, but it should be noted that such a bar can accommodate a relatively small number of people, more suitable for small families.

2. corner bar: Corner bar is generally designed using the corner of the area, usually we are arranged into an L-shaped or curved bar. The corner bar can generally sit down 3-4 people. It is an open design. We should consider the moving line of the person when designing, so it is more suitable for design is spacious and open interior space.

3. partition bar: partition bar is the combination of the bar and some cabinets, such as bookcases, wine cabinets or consoles, etc., put the bar in two areas, to achieve the effect of partition, Therefore, such a bar design is more transparent and more suitable for being placed in a public area of the home.