Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Introduces The Knowledge Of Manual Sinks


Today's products are unique, of course, in the sink mar […]

Today's products are unique, of course, in the sink market, the emergence of manual sinks, so that people have their personalized options, then what is the characteristics of the manual sink, followed by Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers  will share the knowledge of manual sinks.


Each finished product of the manual sink must be hand-crafted in 25 passes and 72 hours. Snap-on spot welding, R-angle spot welding, etc., every detail is inseparable from the electrician's rich experience and careful operation.


The thickness of the hand-made water tank is generally about 1.3mm-1.5mm. This thickness is convenient for welding, and the thickness is uniform, and there is no phenomenon that the stretching water tank is too thin. It is impossible to reach this thickness by stretching the water tank, because the larger the thickness, the larger the punching required. If it is 1.2 mm, the 500-ton punching machine will not help.


The hand-made sink is straight up and down, with angular edges and a stronger texture. Today's manual sinks also have pearl yarn or brushed sinks. This straight up and down edge also brings some trouble to the user to clean up the residue later. The one-piece drawing sink has rounded corners on most of the edges, and it is more forced to make the under-basin. However, the manual sink can easily make the under-basin and avoid the phenomenon of water seepage on the countertop.