Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Brings You To The Common Problems Of The Water Pipe


Today , Afa Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers […]

Today , Afa Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers will take you through the common problems of downpipes :


The water pipe of the sink is mostly made of PVC plastic wire hose . The leakage of the downpipe is generally caused by a broken pipe or a leak in the interface . If there is a leak in the lower pipe , first you need to observe where the leak is .


When installing the lower head , there will be a matching washer on the inside and the back of the water drain hole of the sink . Generally , the inside of the sink is a thin washer . The back of the sink to the water hole is a thick washer . Both washers are held in place by the upper and lower combined lower heads . If it is leaking here , check if the two washers are well padded , if there is any padding and the gasket is broken .


If the interface of the pipe leaks , you need to use a roll of white raw material . Because the down pipe is made of PVC , it will react to the expansion and contraction of the hot and cold water . Therefore , at all the interfaces , a few turns of the raw material tape are wrapped to ensure the stability and sealing of the water pipe connection .


The downpipe has an odor , and there are two reasons for the odor . The first are that the downpipe does not have a trap to isolate the odor , and the other is that the tail port of the downpipe is not connected to the pipeline . Generally , in order to facilitate cleaning or unblocking the plug , the diameter of the tail port of the down pipe is smaller than that of the pipe . If it is usually put directly into the pipe , the tape is counted as a ball . After a long time , the tape will be dirty and lose its viscosity . When it smells , it will appear .


The clogging of the water pipes in the kitchen sink is a problem that is often encountered . After the pipeline is blocked , it is necessary to immediately clear it , otherwise it will cause sewage overflow . The down pipe is blocked . Generally , the pipe is blocked , that is , the position of the V-shaped trap .


Nowadays , the water pipe is generally the down pipe with the screw knob cover . This cleaning is relatively simple , and the pipe can be directly removed and cleaned . Before removing the pipe , it is best to place a basin of to pick up the waste water . So as not to dirty the ground . After the tube is removed , rinse it off with water . Then assemble it and pick it up , it will take a dozen minutes . If it is not the kind of screw cap , it can only be pressed by one hook and two hooks . Anyway , it is an exhaustive method to clear it .


A good launching water must not only ensure that there is no water leakage , the pipeline is strong and durable , but also has a trap . The pipe is preferably a 50-gauge wire hose , which is almost the same . It is best to have multiple interfaces , because nowadays dishwashers , water purifiers are more and more people , these needs to be connected to the drain . It is not too convenient to connect directly to the drain pipe of the sink .