Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet Manufacturer Interprets Kitchen Bath Trends


Whether you are building a new home or renovating, ther […]

Whether you are building a new home or renovating, there are materials, colors and accessories for every style. Do you tend to be modern and modern? Like something more traditional? Here are six trends organized by the stainless steel bathroom faucet manufacturer to take your kitchen and bathroom design to the next level.


A few years ago, only a small percentage of customers chose quartz as their countertop. Today, it is definitely their first choice - and there are good reasons. Quartz complements the simple cabinet doors and seamlessly interfaces with the rectangular subway tiled backsplash. But it looks great in traditional kitchens and bathrooms, and granite is usually the best choice. For traditional styles, consider quartz countertops with more detail due to the heavier texture.

2.Wide floor

The plank floor always offers depth and luxury, but the wide planks have a bigger surprise factor. Compared to the latest seven-inch and nine-inch, the traditional two-inch thick plate is dwarfed. They look great in any room, including the kitchen, which makes smaller rooms look bigger than them. When choosing a finish, consider that the light is too dark. The latest floor styles are available in light grey or warm grey tones.

3.White cabinet

White cabinets are perfect for all styles - from clean, flat or vibrating cabinets in modern kitchens and bathrooms to glazed white or ivory cabinets with raised doors in traditional rooms. The modern bathroom is complete with a vibrant vase or towel. In a traditional, more classic design, white cabinets look best when balanced by heavier details - for example, a back panel mounted on a diagonal, with a picture frame above the stove, or in a bathroom Oil rubbed bronze faucet. Also consider making a statement with the glass cabinet door - the traditional style usually uses a mullion, but the modern style is not.

4.Large shower and all the details

The shower head also combines form and function. Consider the ceiling shower, reminiscent of warm summer rains. But considering buying a rain shower and a wall-mounted shower is a good idea - the ceiling shower is not very good for flushing shampoo. Shiny chrome is always excellent when choosing the finish of the shower head.