Some Selection Points Of Stainless Steel Floor Drain


1.Water seals are one of the important features of wate […]

1.Water seals are one of the important features of water seal floor drains. When choosing, you should know whether the water seal depth of the product reaches 50mm. At present, the depth of some water leakage seals on the market is only 10~20mm, which can not effectively block the odor of sewers.

Side-wall floor drains, floor drains, and enclosed floor drains are generally not water seals; spill-proof floor drains and multi-channel floor drains are mostly with water seals, which should be clearly understood when selected.

For water leaks without water seals, drains should be drained at the depth of not less than 50 mm. This part can be configured by a floor drain manufacturer or by a construction unit that has installed a stainless steel floor drain.

2.The height of floor drain can be adjusted, and the height of adjustment is not less than 35mm to ensure that the height of floor drain after floor decoration is level with the ground. The water-proof wing ring is installed on the floor to ensure that the stainless steel floor drain is installed in the floor when it is waterproof.

Floor drains located in underground garages or in places where they are subjected to heavy loads should be capable of meeting the corresponding loads.

3.The structure of the floor drain with water seal shall be reasonable and smooth, and the debris in the drainage shall not be easily precipitated; the cross-section area of each part should be larger than the cross-sectional area of the discharge pipe, and the minimum width of the cross section of the flow channel should not be less than 10mm.

4.There are three types of floor drain connections: sockets; threads; clamps. Connection size can be determined according to the relevant regulations of the current country.

Therefore ,should choose stainless steel floor drain, stainless steel floor drain with deodorant function is more practical, effectively avoid wet odor problems in the bathroom, create a good home living environment.