Several Tricks To Solve The Problem Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Blockage


As an indispensable product in the pipeline industry, t […]

As an indispensable product in the pipeline industry, the sink is powerful and convenient for people's lives, and it is constantly advancing with the times. However, many consumers still have a vague concept about the sink, so let me introduce you to the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink . Let's take a look at it.


First, the maintenance of the sink:

1. When using the sink for the first time after the renovation of the new house, first put the water for 5-10 minutes, drain the water containing the rusted material in the water pipe, and wipe the surface of the sink with a soft cloth. It is best to test the water 2-3 times every other day to ensure that the rust water is discharged.

2. The construction personnel are required to pack the plastic bag after installing the water tank. After the decoration is completed, the plastic bag is opened and used.

3. Do not touch soft iron or rust products with the water tank for a long time. Do not use strong acid and alkali to clean the contents in the water tank. After each use, clean the tank and dry it with a rag.

4. If there is floating rust on the surface of the water tank, it should be wiped with talcum powder, rust-removing water or 300# sandpaper in time. Any product needs your maintenance. If you do the above in terms of use, your stainless steel sink will always be used frequently, and it will definitely be a good partner for your family to make delicious food.


Second, how to do the kitchen sink is blocked?

1. If you find that the kitchen sink is blocked, the first thing to do is to close the water pipe to avoid causing more water. Never try to wash the impurities through the water.

2. Let's first look at what is blocking the kitchen sink. Generally, most of the places where the water pipes in the kitchen are blocked are U-bends. If it is a down pipe with a drain screw, it is easy to do, and directly unscrew it. However, it is best to place a sewage basin underneath before handling to avoid soiling the cabinet. After unscrewing, use a wire to open both sides, which is usually resolved quickly. If it has not been solved, you can unload all the down pipes, unscrew all the plastic connecting ports, rinse them out, remove the impurities inside and assemble them in turn. It will take less than half an hour.

3. Generally, the sewer pipes in the home are all greasy and clogged, so it is better to pour a pot of boiling water into the lower water pipe, and then the dredging effect will be better. Use tools such as hands or hooks to reach the drain pipe to clear the blockage. Dirty things. If you live on the first floor, check the outdoor sewers for debris or silt, and block the drain.

4. When there is no obvious blockage in the drain pipe of the pool or the washing tank, the overflow hole can be blocked with a damp cloth, and then the sludge can be removed with tweezers.

5. If you can't use the tweezers to clear the blockage of the sink or sink drain, you can place a bucket in the trap of the drain pipe, then unscrew the bend and remove the blockage inside.

6. If the above methods are not effective, the sludge causing the blockage of the drain pipe is deep in the pipeline. At this time, the repairman should be notified in time to avoid the blockage of water in the pool for a long time. In fact, it is best to find a professional master. If the sewer pipe is blocked by a large volume of debris, you should also find a professional company to clear it. So as not to break the water pipe yourself.