Selection Rules for Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet


Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet are an essential accesso […]

Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet are an essential accessory for everyday life. Choose a good stainless steel kitchen faucet to better care for your family's health. Here is a brief introduction to the selection rules for stainless steel kitchen faucets!

Rule 1: Must be hot and cold

The pots and pans of the kitchen need to be cleaned frequently, especially in the winter, where more hot water is needed. So be sure to pay attention to the purchase of stainless steel kitchen faucets that can be hot and cold, so you will feel very convenient when using water.

Rule 2: Have a full range of cleaning functions

A good stainless steel kitchen faucet should meet the needs of 360° all-round cleaning. After all, many stainless steel kitchen faucets have a 360° water outlet rotation function. In addition, there is also a smart touch-pull new kitchen faucet that can rotate water in different directions for daily kitchen cleaning and use. More simple and intimate.

Rule 3: Use a high quality spool

At present, there are two main types of spools for stainless steel kitchen faucets on the market: ceramic spools and steel ball spools. It is recommended that you buy ceramic valve cores because they are not only heat-resistant and wear-resistant, but also have a long service life, which can better prevent dripping and water leakage. Although the performance of all aspects of the steel ball valve core is also good, compared with the ceramic valve core, its use time is short, which is easy to cause dripping.

Rule 4: Have a good bubbler

The high-quality foamer combined with the filter can achieve the effect of silent water saving, and the soft water can reduce the splash of stainless steel kitchen faucet and has super water-saving performance.