Selection Rules For Stainless Steel Faucets


Stainless Steel Faucets looks inconspicuous in our fami […]

Stainless Steel Faucets looks inconspicuous in our family, but its role is very huge. All our domestic water cannot be separated from the faucet. Many people think that you just need to buy one faucet. In fact, there are a lot of specialties when buying a faucet. So what are the points we should pay attention to when buying a faucet?

1. Handle: The compound faucet is easy to use, because when using the sink, usually only one hand is free.

2. Water outlet: placing the water outlet in a high place will make it easy to fill the basin.

3. Rotation angle: The faucet that can rotate 180 degrees makes the operation convenient, while the 360-degree rotation is only meaningful for the sink placed in the center of the house.

4. The showerhead can be elongated: the effective radius is enlarged, and the sink and container can be filled more quickly.

5. Waterpipe length: Experience has shown that a pipe of 50 cm long is sufficient, and pipes of 70 cm or more are also available on the market.

6. Tubes with extendable shower heads: In order not to make unpleasant noises, metal tubes should be avoided as much as possible.

7. Anti-calcification system: Calcium deposits in the showerhead and automatic cleaning system. The same situation also occurs on the faucet, where silicon will accumulate. The integrated air cleaner has an anti-calcification system, which can also prevent the equipment from being calcified inside.

8. Anti-backflow system: This system prevents dirty water from being sucked into the clean water pipe, and is composed of a layer by layer structure. Equipment equipped with an anti-backflow system will display the DVGM pass mark on the surface of the package.

9. Cleaning: The streamlined design does not require too much cleaning.

10. Environmental protection: Stainless steel is hygienic and environmentally friendly. The chromium soldering equipment is easy to care for and harmless to people, but some other elements need to be added in the manufacturing process. So we must pay attention to what materials the equipment is made of. Not all countries have such high standards as Germany.

11. Durability: The anti-calcification system can protect the equipment from water leakage and handle damage.

12. Repair: In terms of repair costs, various equipment are very different, and the materials of some equipment are not easily available.