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Renovation Considerations For One Font Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Renovation considerations for One Font Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets :


1. Pay attention to the division of the kitchen area:
Where is the preparation area, where is the cooking area, where is the storage area... These areas are required for a kitchen, and the location can be designed according to the size of the space.


2. Pay attention to the length of the operating table:
In a flat-shaped cabinet, all work is done on one line, but the workbench should not be too long, otherwise, it will reduce efficiency. In the case of not obstructing the passage, an adjustable panel can be arranged for emergency needs.


3. Pay attention to the placement of items:
According to the usual frequency of use, determine the placement of items on the in-line stainless steel cabinet. For example, pots and pans can be placed near the stove, the filter can be placed near the sink, and the location of the food cabinet should be far away from the heat dissipation holes of the kitchen utensils and the refrigerator. And keep it dry and clean.


4. Pay attention to the height of the counter:
When cooking, you need to bend over for a long time, and a reasonable height of the table can avoid long-term bending. For example, when the height of the countertop of the kitchen utensils is 15 cm away from the wrist when working on the countertop, it is a very suitable height.


5. Pay attention to the height of the wall cabinet:
The height of the flat-shaped stainless steel cabinet wall cabinet should be convenient to pick and place the items in the cabinet. The height of the wall cabinet should be avoided to meet and affect the operation while taking into account the storage capacity, it is recommended to use 250-300mm.


6. Pay attention to the use of partitions:
The open flat-shaped kitchen connected to the halls and rooms should be well separated. Wall cabinets and vertical cabinets can be used as partitions, and glass sliding doors should be installed to prevent oily smoke from spilling into the interior.


7. Pay attention to direct sunlight:
The lighting in the kitchen is mainly to avoid direct sunlight to prevent the food, dry goods, and condiments stored in the room from deteriorating due to light and heat.


8. The kitchen must be ventilated:
Ventilation is a must in a kitchen. However, there must be no window above the stove, otherwise, the flame of the gas stove will not be stable due to the influence of the wind, and it will even be blown out by the strong wind or cause catastrophe.