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Purchasing Requirements For Stainless Steel Sink

Purchasing requirements for Stainless Steel Sink :

1. It is easier to clean. If you want to make kitchen sanitation easier and simple, then the cleaning of the stainless steel sink can become your burden instead of cleaning the kitchen. Choosing easy-to-clean materials and simplifying the complex design can make the cleaning of stainless steel sinks easier, and home life easier.

①The biggest advantage of in-line installation is that it can easily wipe the water splashed on the table back into the sink, which is fast and clean.
② The integrated design of the sink and the countertop can achieve zero leakage at the joints, thereby prolonging the service life.

2. The countertop is more efficient. With limited countertop space, the "large" sink becomes embarrassing, and the improvement of efficiency must rely on ingenious design.

①Simple and single basin, imagine that it will be very costly if the sink cannot be fully accommodated when cleaning the pot.

②Corner design, the corners of the cabinets have always been labeled as chicken ribs. The triangular corner basin solves this problem perfectly.

3. More flexible to use
In addition to the "basin" itself, the sink area can also be combined with other parts. Cutting boards, drain racks, and storage trays of suitable sizes are all excellent matches, allowing the sink to perform more flexible and changeable functions.
①Built-in trash chute, waste generated during the cleaning process can be directly put into the built-in trash chute, which is even more powerful when picking and washing vegetables.

②In the comprehensive processing table, after the fruits and vegetables are cleaned, take the matching cutting board and insert it into the edge of the sink, you can easily prepare the meal. There are also special slots for kitchen knives to improve the safety factor of the kitchen.