Precautions For The Use Of Handmade Sink And Related Advantages


Handmade Sink has the characteristics of light weight, […]

Handmade Sink has the characteristics of light weight, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to aging, corrosion, no oil absorption, no water absorption, no dirt storage, no peculiar smell, etc. It is a good choice for kitchen sinks. In daily use, you should also pay attention to the following methods to make your kitchen better.


1. Clean immediately after use, wipe dry and store, try not to let water droplets on the surface of the sink, because water with high mineral content will produce white film.

2. If there is mineral precipitation at the bottom of the sink, it can be removed with diluted vinegar and rinsed with water.

3. Do not leave rubber pads, wet sponges or cleaning sheets in the sink all night.

4. Be aware that household products containing fluorine, bleaching agents, food, silver-containing cleaning products and cleaning products containing sulfur and hydrochloric acid are potentially harmful to the sink.

5. Note that the gas released by the bleach or chemical cleaner placed in the kitchen cabinet will corrode the bottom of the sink.

6. If photographic chemical components or soldering iron flux come into contact with the sink, the sink must be rinsed immediately.

7. Do not place paola, mayonnaise, mustard and salt in the sink for a long time.

8. Do not use iron rings or rough cleaning materials to clean the sink.