Misunderstanding Of Purchasing Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink


Hand-pressed Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink: The thi […]

Hand-pressed Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink:
The thicker the basin feels, the more durable it is. The premise of this judgment is that it must be the same type of stainless steel. If it is not the same type of stainless steel, there is no substantive meaning, such as a sink with 201 material, a sink with 304, the former thick, the latter Thin, if according to this judgment method it should be the former is more durable than the latter, it is not true that the 304 sink has a much longer service life than the 201 sink, although the former is thicker than the latter because of the 8% nickel content of the 304 material. Compared with the nickel content of only 1% or even nickel-free 201 rust resistance is many times stronger.

Stainless steel sink never rusts:
Stainless steel is not absolutely rustless. Look under what circumstances. If there is a wide range of chloride ions in the environment such as salt, sweat, seawater, soil, sea breeze, etc., it will quickly rust, even faster than ordinary low-carbon steel.
Pearl sand surface treatment is more environmentally friendly:
Pearl sand treatment process, the use of hydrochloric acid and other substances electrolysis, some harmful substances will be gradually released on the surface, endangering human health, it is the United States and other developed countries to prohibit the electrolytic tank into its market, and now some high-grade sink Drawing process is generally used, and it is more durable than other processes.
Determine the quality of a stainless steel sink by weight:
The heaviest stainless steel sink is considered to be better. This principle is the same as the hand pressure judging method above, and must be compared under the same material condition, otherwise there is no comparability.

Stainless steel sink with magnets:
Many consumers think that it is stainless steel that can't be sucked. As everyone knows, even the best type 304 stainless steel will have micro-magnetism after mechanical stretching in the sink process. The worst type 430 stainless steel will not be magnetic after demagnetization. If you follow the previous statement, The test, that is 430 is more stainless steel than 304, and it can be seen that this is totally untenable. On the contrary, stainless steel sinks are used by many treacherous merchants, shoddy, and profiteering.