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Material Requirements For Lavatory Cabinet

What material is important for Lavatory Cabinet ?

1. According to experience, it can be concluded that whether it is a domestic toilet or a public toilet, they have the same thing: the water content of the toilet is very large, which means that in the toilet, the first task is to ensure that our toilet lockers cannot Wet due to the erosion of water vapor, which in turn destroys our storage.

2. In addition to this one factor, what unfavorable factors will the bathroom locker encounter? In our daily life, we often use various chemicals to clean various stains in the bathroom, and most of these stain cleaning products have strong corrosive properties. Therefore, the materials we choose for bathroom lockers must also have Corresponding anti-corrosion properties.

3. Of the current various boards, the boards more suitable for bathroom lockers are mainly anti-folding boards, filament boards, moisture-proof boards, and other boards. If we want to pursue higher performance, we can choose an anti-fold special board, if we only pursue moisture-proof performance, we can choose moisture-proof board as the production material for bathroom lockers.