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handmade sink manufacturers Tells You The Precautions For Manual Sink Design

After the new house is in the room, you will find that the kitchen sink is not easy to use. After washing the dishes or washing the dishes, the water in the faucet is splashed everywhere. Just like the water in the house, you have to drag it every time you wash it. Ground, tired and troublesome, is the kitchen manual sink too small, the size of the sink was wrong? Let's take a look at the mystery of the handmade sink manufacturers .

After some research, it is found that besides the sink is too small, the main reason is that the depth of the sink is a problem, and the water of the faucet will always splash out! Therefore, when purchasing a sink, you should not only pay attention to the size and material of the sink but also the depth of the inner wall of the sink!

The general manual sink design has a certain depth standard, so the main function of the design is to prevent the water in the sink faucet from being splashed. Under normal circumstances, the depth of the sink is at least 180mm, and the depth is about 190mm~210mm. This is convenient for washing vegetables and washing dishes, and it is not necessary to worry about the water splashing from the sink.

The size of the sink is determined by the size of the sink, the size of the countertop, and the size of the kitchen. Generally speaking, the reasonable width of the water tank is between 430mm and 480mm, and the thickness of the water tank should not be too thick or too thin, about 0.8mm~1mm. It is not convenient to use too thick. If it is too thin, the strength of the water tank may not reach the standard. It takes a while to replace it, and it costs a lot of money.